Member of Parliament County and District Councillors

County Councillors

Name: Tony Lock
Division: Yeovil East
Address: 71 St Michaels Road,
Yeovil, Somerset BA21 5AH
Telephone: 01935 700061
Mobile: 07929 782215
Party: Liberal DemocratTony Lock
Name: Jane Lock
Division: Yeovil West
Address: The Meadows, Cucklington,
Somerset, BA9 9QH
Telephone: 01963 32076
Mobile: 07810 706721
Party: Liberal Democrat
Jane Lock
Name: Andy Kendall
Division: Yeovil Central
Address: 41 Coronation Ave,
Yeovil, Somerset BA21 3DZ
Telephone: 01935 421792
Mobile: 07899 922554
Party: Liberal Democrat
Alan Dimmick

District Councillors

Name: Graham Oakes
Address: 29 Highfield Road,
Yeovil, Somerset BA21 4RD
Mobile: 07904992491
Party: Liberal Democrat
Graham Oakes

Name: Mike Lock
Address: Poplars Farm, Yeovil Marsh,
Yeovil, Somerset BA21 3QN
Telephone: 01935 474089
Party: Liberal Democrat
Mike Lock

Name: Rob Stickland
Address:  33 Eastville, 
Yeovil, BA21 4JD
Mobile: 07850 264406
Party: Liberal Democrat

Gye Charles Bower Dibben