Meetings will be held monthly. For Full Council meetings and planning these are held on the third Wednesday of the month commencing at 6.45 pm except when otherwise indicated on the agenda. Please check the agenda for the location of the meeting as this may change month to month due to hall availability.

If you have a matter you wish to raise with the Parish Council you are welcome to attend the meetings, where there is a public participation period at the beginning of each meeting. If you are unable to attend then please write to the Parish Council c/o The Clerk.

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Meeting DateMeeting TitleAgendasMinutes
Wed 19th Jan, 2022Parish Council Meeting Download Download
Wed 19th Jan, 2022Planning Committee Meeting Download Download
Thu 10th Feb, 2022Allotment Committee Meeting Download Download
Wed 16th Feb, 2022Parish Council Meeting Download Download
Wed 16th Feb, 2022Planning Committee Meeting Download Download
Wed 16th Mar, 2022Staffing Committee Meeting Download Download
Wed 23rd Mar, 2022Parish Council Meeting Download Download
Wed 20th Apr, 2022Annual Parish Meeting Download
Wed 20th Apr, 2022Parish Council Meeting Download
Wed 20th Apr, 2022Planning Committee Meeting Download
Wed 18th May, 2022Annual Parish Council Meeting Download
Wed 15th Jun, 2022Parish Council Meeting
Wed 20th Jul, 2022Parish Council Meeting